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The New Jersey Challenge

There is nothing that quite sparks the brain into gear like a healthy competition. At the end of the last school year, RTMA was selected to participate in the exciting NJ Challenge competition. In September, a rigorous exam covering general knowledge was given to the high school boys and those with the top five scores were chosen to enter and compete.

The NJ Challenge, aired on television, is an academic competition that involves schools all over the tri-state area. It consists of four segments: multiple choice, the lightening round, free response, and complete 180. The various segments test the students' knowledge on a wide range of subjects, including history, arts, literature, science, math, pop culture, sports, and current events.

“The competition is a great motivator,” said Mr. Avi Strulson, advisor of the academic competition. “It helps build self-esteem for the students, making them feel really good about themselves and motivating them to work harder in school. Their friends began to look at them a little differently and the students put more effort into their studies- they really wanted to live up to the expectations.”

The first round of the NJ Challenge takes place in October in Manhattan. When all three rounds are completed, the winning team will go on to compete in the interstate competition, an impressive accomplishment.

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