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Limudei Kodesh Department

At RTMA, we are proud to offer a superior Limudei Kodesh program. Each of our shiurim stresses growth in skills and critical thinking. Our respected Rebbeim are trained in a variety of pedagogical arenas and bring that training to their classrooms. Three levels of instruction provide each of our talmidim the opportunity to learn and succeed at the pace that’s right for him.

We are also extremely proud of our boys who elect to participate in many out-of-school learning opportunities, including Sunday Shiur, Night Seder, Mishmar, and Yeshiva University’s TLN program.

The daily schedule provides talmidim with a broad range of Limudei Kodesh classes in Gemara, Halacha, Chumash, and Na”ch. Our curricula build skills from year to year, gradually preparing the boys for our 12th grade “beis medrash” program, an experience of chavrusa-style learning that readies the students in independent learning for their year(s) in Israel. We also offer advanced elective shiurim in Gemara for those who choose to further their skills and overall bekius.

Our greatest achievement is our well-deserved reputation of fostering an environment that encourages lifelong relationships between Rebbe and talmid and our attention to, and care for, each student.

The Limudei Kodesh program at RTMA is designed to prepare and inspire each student for a life of Torah Im Derech Eretz. It is rooted in three major components: Content, Rebbe, and, of course, Student. Our curriculum guides the students through four years of growth in each subject area.

During this time, each student not only adds to his own knowledge base, but he also takes an active role in his own educational growth. This is offered through a variety of learning designs and three levels of instruction for each class, which ensure a more innovative, individualized program. Over the course of his high school career at RTMA, a student will see four masechtot, a variety of different seforim in Nach and Chumash, as well as many different areas in Halacha, all with a focus designated for that particular subject.

The Rebbeim at RTMA are second to none. With a variety of different backgrounds and influences, each faculty member is able to offer his own style of learning and academic growth opportunities, while maintaining RTMA’s overall aspirations for every student, at his own level. Classes are set in such a way that each student will be able to learn from most if not all Rebbeim throughout his four years.

Each student at RTMA is carefully placed into the class that will best fit his needs. Students have the ability, with approval from the administration, to adjust their schedules to best fit their own educational needs.

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