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General Studies Curriculum

The goal of the RTMA General Studies program is to provide a solid, comprehensive education with an academic curriculum that is designed to prepare students to fulfill their potential in institutions of higher education. We hope to mold our young adults for a worthy future of life-long learning, productivity in the workforce and exemplary daily living.

RTMA meets and exceeds the mandates of The New Jersey State Education Department.

The basic course of study, comprised of core curriculum requirements, is supplemented by a wide range of electives.

Core Requirements

English: 8 semesters

Language Usage, Composition, Survey of American Literature, Survey of English Literature, Survey of Work Literature

Social Studies: 6 semesters

Global Studies/World History, U.S. History I (Colonial Period through the Civil War, U.S. History II (Civil War through current affairs)

Mathematics: 8 semesters

Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or Advanced Math plus required elective

(Pre-calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus, Business Math)

Sciences: 6 semesters

Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry or Biology, Chemistry, and Physics or Psychology

Language: 6 semesters

Hebrew or Spanish

Jewish History: 2 semesters

History of the Jews from Medieval Times through Modern Israel

Physical Education

Advanced Placement Courses*

AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP English, AP Macro-Economics, AP Physics, AP Political Science (Government), AP Psychology, AP US History

* Students who participate in Advanced Placement classes will be given the opportunity to take the Advance Placement exam at the end of the year.


Advanced Independent Learning (Masmidim)
Advanced Mathematics (Pre-Calculus)*
Business Math
Introduction to Business and Finance*
Current World Affairs
History of Zionism and Modern Israel*

* Students are offered the option of earning 3 college credits for each of these courses from Fairleigh Dickinson University, which has approved our syllabi. Registration includes student use of F.D.U. library and facilities.

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