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Middle School

During the years between fifth and ninth grade, there is a leap in maturity both physical and emotional. The RTMA Middle School program focuses on the unique needs of our students, combining academic rigor to prepare students for high school along with the support they need as they grow from children to adolescents.

Academics are designed to challenge each student at his own level of academic ability, with leveled classes of Honors, Intermediate, and Regular. Students are encouraged to get involved in the school and to voice their opinions. From Mishmar to basketball, there are many ways for students to enjoy their learning and extracurriculars.

Teachers regularly meet to discuss students’ progress. The guidance staff discusses with the students their own academic, behavioral, social, and organizational needs. Parent-teacher communication is encouraged as well.

Our goal is to assist each individual student’s growth, through a partnership of school, home and student, and form him into a fine member of the modern Torah community.

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