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Important Dates

Dates to note


17   Friday                                               No School

20   Presidents Day                             No school

22   6th grade Marbles II PM 5

        Night Seder

23   Siddur Dedication Breakfast

        Club Thursday

24   7/8 Shas Trimester (7th and 8th grade) AM2

        Erev Shabbos Friday Learning

27   Rosh Chodesh Breakfast

        Hat Day

        Locker Sweep and Pinky Lift


1        Math Trimester Exam AM 3-4

2        Mishmar

3        Brachos Bee    12:00

          Erev Shabbos Friday Learning

4        Night Seder

9        Tanis Ester                            1:00 Dismissal

10      Science Friday

          PJ Day

          Erev Shabbos Friday Learning

13      Shushan Purim Mesiba

15      Night Seder

17      Erev Shabbos Friday Learning

22      Night Seder

23      Mishmar

24      Erev Shabbos Friday Learning         

27      Rosh Chodesh Breakfast

          Locker Sweep and Pinky Lift


6-19  Pesach Break                       No School 

Available documentation
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