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Welcome to RTMA!  You have made the right choice.  


To make the application process easy, it is done in our entirely digital "360" system.

If any of your children have attended any JEC division (Yeshiva/Lower School, Bruriah or RTMA) you may already have a 360 user account and that is all you need.  Please log in here to begin the application process.  

“First-time” parents of prospective JEC students (or returning parents who do not yet have a 360 account) must first set up their own parent user account in 360. 

This parent account will stay with you throughout your son's time at RTMA. This account is a portal through which you will be able to receive communications from the school, register for the coming years, view schedules, check student progress reports and so much more.  This same account would also be used to submit future applications, for other children in your family, to any JEC division.

Once you enter a user name and password, the system will ask you for basic information to set up the account.  It's that easy. Please provide your own name and email information for this initial setup. (Students set up their own 360 accounts once they start school.)  Please click here to set up your account and start the application process.

If you have any questions about this or anything else RTMA related just call us 908 355 4850 ext. 6254.
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