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Our Mission

The JEC educates its students to be modern Torah Jews: imbued with Torah knowledge and dedicated to the observance of its commandments, cognizant of their responsibility to the Jewish Nation, and educated to excel in the world at large, while fully accepting the primacy of Torah in determining their interaction with the secular.

The Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy is proud of its tradition for excellence as one of the country's earliest and leading modern orthodox Yeshiva High Schools. Our students experience religious, academic and personal growth, a warm and joyful atmosphere, personalized support and attention, academic consistency, social and extra-curricular opportunity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence and their all-around well-being.

At RTMA, your son will benefit from unmatched Torah studies with Rebbeim who are both respected professionals and passionate about their work, college preparatory academics by a General Studies faculty that is highly credentialed and creative , and they will grow to develop a deep and meaningful connection to  עם ישראל, ארץ ישראל and תורת ישראל. An academically tracked instructional program in every subject allows for different learning styles and levels, all in a supportive and nurturing environment. Personal development is encouraged and indeed our program includes both formal and informal lessons on the refinement of middot or personal qualities.  Indeed, our school is known for its commitment to “ Torah Im Derech Eretz”.


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