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Our Limudei Kodesh Faculty

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Gemara and Halacha 11H, Chumash 9H, Masmidim

RABBI JEFF ABEL earned a BA in Psychology and received his rabbinical ordination at Yeshiva University. Focused on continued learning and on sharing his love of Torah with others, he has studied at the Gruss Kollel Elyon and the Summer Kollel for Jewish Educators. Rabbi Abel is an articulate speaker who has lectured at various metropolitan synagogues. He has been a member of the RTMA faculty for over twenty years. Tackling controversial issues such as organ donation and transplantation, modern society and the deterioration of values, and new technology with regard to our ancient traditions, he uses primary sources to guide students to appreciating the abiding relevance of halacha in every generation - past, present, and future.


Gemara & Halacha 9H, Nach 10R, Chumash 9R

RABBI MOSHE FRANKEL attended Yeshivas Mir in Jerusalem and earned a bachelor’s degree at the Rabbinical College of Long Island in Long Beach, NY. A master's degree and smicha were conferred in January 2001 from Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood. Founder and director of The Chevra, a summer masmidim program for high school students, the charismatic and creative Rabbi Frankel understands the needs and concerns of adolescents from diverse backgrounds. He has taught and lectured for the Gesher kiruv program in Howell, New Jersey, as well as tutored high school and post high school students on an individual basis. He was substitute rabbi at the Young Israel of Windsor Park in Queens, NY where he fulfilled rabbinic duties, including running the congregation and delivering sermons and classes during the summer. Outside of school, Rabbi Frankel is involved in community service activities. He has been a mentor at Kiruv shabbatonim, and has chaired annual fundraising functions at the Mesivta of Long Beach and Agudas Israel of the Five Towns, NY.

Gemara & Halacha 11R, Nach 11H, Chumash 10R

RABBI MOISHE KRAMER has held numerous positions in the field of Jewish education, including teaching at Shalom Torah Academy and Yeshiva Tiferes Torah. While in Israel, he was active in Jewish outreach, where he coordinated programs for post high school institutions and participated in the well known and successful “Birthright” project, led by Aish HaTorah. He has studied at a number of respected institutions of higher learning, including Yeshivas Ner Yisroel Toronto, Mir, Kollel Lev Avrohom, and Beis Medrash Govoha in Lakewood. For six years, Rabbi Kramer was the director of Camp Shalom, a day camp under the auspices of Shalom Torah Centers. This past summer, he was the head counselor of Camp Chaveirim in Highland Park, N.J. Rabbi Kramer’s love of Torah and Yiddishkeit, coupled with his commitment to developing a personal relationship with each talmid, makes him an ideal RTMA rebbe.

Gemara & Halacha 11I, Nach 11R, Chumash 10H

RABBI MAURICE OPPENHEIMER is a graduate of the Talmudical Academy of Central Jersey and Bais Medrash Govoha of Lakewood with a BA in Talmudic Studies, and a BA in Business Administration from Monmouth University. He prepared to teach via Torah U’Mesorah seminars in classroom management and teaching theory. Rabbi Oppenheimer is in his fifteenth year at RTMA. At Yeshiva Tiferet Torah in Lakewood for seven years, Rabbi Oppenheimer coordinated and implemented curricula in math and history. He was Associate Principal, then Principal of Sons of Israel Hebrew School and Hebrew High School. He also worked at RPRY as rebbe, grade advisor, and program coordinator. He was also recognized with a Youth Leadership Award by Congregation Beth Tefilla in Matawan and with the National NCSY Award for Outstanding Accomplishment. He has lectured extensively and trained youth leaders and program coordinators in five states.

Israel Guidance Coordinator, Rebbe, 12 Honors

Honored as Educator of the Year in 2002 at the JEC dinner, RABBI MICHAEL PARNES, who is in his twenty-ninth year at RTMA, served as the Mesivta’s Bochain/Talmud Evaluator and is the rebbe of the twelfth-grade Honors shiur. His talmidim emerge highly skilled and sought after by prestigious yeshivot here and in Israel. Rabbi Parnes is recognized as a talmid chochom and ethical exemplar who commands great respect from his students and inspires them to live up to the high standards he sets. His relationship with talmidim extends far beyond the limits of school. Long after graduation, they turn to him for advice and direction, and he lets them know they are welcome to do so at any time. Ordained at the Mirrer Yeshiva Central Institute, Rabbi Parnes also studied under the venerable Rabbi Dr. Joseph Ber Solevechik. He served as guidance counselor at Yeshiva Ateret Torah, Rabbi of the 16th Avenue Shul in Brooklyn, and as director of a SEED program for Torah U’Mesorah. An articulate and eloquent speaker, Rabbi Parnes is often in demand as a guest lecturer at various institutes of higher learning.

Director of Student Life

RABBI YISROEL RICH has experience working with high school students, having served as a Chaburah leader, mentor and tutor at the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach. He has the ability to create fun, yet challenging methods of learning Chumash and Gemara. He has also served as Assistant Youth Director at a shul in West Orange, where he was responsible for organizing and maintaining an enlightening and enjoyable youth program. After studying at Yeshivat Shalavim in Eretz Yisrael, Rabbi Rich earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from Yeshiva University and a Master of Science degree in Jewish Education and Administration from the Azrieli Graduate School. He has received a master's degree in mental health counseling and is presently working toward licensing in this field.

Gemara & Halacha 9R, Academic Support Services

RABBI SHRAGA SCHOFIELD states that his objective is “to nurture students’ intellectual, emotional and social understanding through a range of learning experiences in the classroom and incorporating effective instructional and assessment strategies.” As an educator for the past 16 years, he served as a Rebbe and teacher of general studies and life skills at the Sinai Boys High School. Rabbi Schofield studied at Yeshiva Ohavei Torah in Bnei Brak and then in Kollel Yad Shaul in Johannesburg, S. Africa, where he received his smichah. In his position as learning specialist, Rabbi Schofield is providing academic support in both limudei kodesh and secular studies, as well as overseeing records and acting as liaison with parents, teachers and students who qualify for academic accommodations.

Gemara & Halacha 12I, Nach 12R, Chumash 12H

RABBI MOSHE SNOW earned a BA in Sociology at Brooklyn College and continued his studies on the graduate level towards a master's degree at Long Island University. He received smicha from Rav Moshe Feinstein, z’l, at Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim. Since 1988, Rabbi Snow has been rabbi at the Young Israel/Beth El of Boro Park and he is a member of the Young Israel Council of Rabbis. He is a powerful speaker who has been a guest lecturer for the Torah U’Mesora PTA Association. Rabbi Snow’s biography reflects consistency and dedication of service. For twenty-two years, he was Principal of Morris County High School for Jewish Studies. Honored in 2000 as Educator of the Year by the Jewish Educational Center, he has been a rebbe at the JEC and at RTMA for forty-two years, and we look forward to many more productive years with him.

Gemara & Halacha 10H, Nach 9R, Chumash 11R

RABBI SHMUEL TAUB most recently taught at Yeshiva Tifereth Torah of Staten Island before joining the faculty at RTMA, where he places great emphasis on the rebbe-talmid relationship. He received his smicha from Beit Medrasa Govoha of Lakewood. He has extensive experience in Adult Education, having participated in the Project Gesher Adult Education program, and he has taught part-time at a number of prominent institutions in the Lakewood community, including Yeshiva Pe’er HaTorah and Yeshiva Sha’arei Torah. He also teaches at our JEC sister school, Bruriah. Rabbi Taub’s energy, combined with his understanding of the many challenges facing today’s Jewish youth, make him a valued member of our Mesivta faculty.

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